If it weren’t poems it might be… hmm, I really cannot say. If it weren’t poems it would be… … nope, not a thing comes to mind. If it weren’t poems it would have to be.. naaaaaah, it has to be poems. Or whatever I’ll eventually get to one day call them; a far better and more comfortable and respected word, because the respect gained so far is like waiting for an onslaught of buses to arrive as opposed to none whatsoever. When you put in this much passion and effort you’re bound to eventually sit twiddling your thumbs and expecting your ego to be stroked. Sure it’s been stroked aplenty but, really.. I’ve a feeling it’ll need to be by an avalanche of millions of people for me to truly feel vindicated. Plus, it needs to also be reread out-loud and away from the relative imprisonment of the page. That, I think, is the part that’s gonna catch em all