A driven insinuation s-h-a-r-e-d dangerously between two star-strewn people, which brings with it this touchstone sense of everlasting emotion, both instrumentally and beautifully broken..

At the break of the brutalised bone.

No joke .. but for this SILENCED minute of momentary p-a-u-s-e – for fighting thoughts!!

Hoping to be good+g*d desirably detrimental .. AND seen to be … ..

Inevitably, when said p-a-t-h-w-a-y-s of neurological panic NEED NEVER apply ever again!! : And they may well have to have not have been arguing with themselves to the PARALYSING point

… of breathTAKING animosity alongside mildly intense SECTIONing… SHARED between … a pandemic of prioritised people .

No rules
But for the tools that they abide by and equally abUSE !!

Yes … … indeed!! They really should have been straight-jacket sentenced.. and ever SINce the scintillated beginning!!