Nerves of steel, she’s (BEEN) a hidden (TO SOME) delirious DemOn with her ChristAlmighty mind unequivocally bonded by: undenied measurements of understanding and she’s (EVEN) been

Peppering herself with the right kinds of LoPsiDed people. We’ve even acted entirely out-of-sync and still

Withstanding all of these aforesaid delicately (MIS)placed DeMonS. She’s… perturbed, perhaps, and (VERY) DEFINITELY definite as to her own state of deep-down wIsDoM anyway. “They’ve won OUTRIGHT at being bReakeven and ReaL, they eveN seem

++ to’ve caused an OUTLANDISH-amount of upside-down aforementioned DelIriuM to SNaKe inSide Of ThEiR aforesaid LoPsIdeD veins again.” We won’t falter to a sudden-most halt… not if everything (ELSE) which they’ve (CrEaTiVeLy) craved ‘til “NOW!” really is

Beyond the mAlAdJuSteD minds of THEIR weak-ass rEcKonIngS anyway: “she isn’t even supposed to’ve Been Bone-Dry BarkingMad and ———-> WITH circumstances withstanding this time…

As he takes the next line of layabout… “SHOUT-IT-ALL-OUT!!!” cOcAiNe. No pain but for the PanGinG nature of a stay-away stranger.” They were the knee-deep masterpieces that called their own BlufF = tough, out-of-luck PeOplE of mysteriously mitigating MentaL circumstances been happening, actually ~~~

And we cannot but
Holdout our own hands to the ThunderBolt skyline and “CRY!!” SwEeT UnMitIgaTinG TeArs

… for their very own aforeSAID StaTe Of ShoCk, AWE, anD BewIlDeR to (eventually) determine

Their BriLlIanCe-in-PAINSTAKING-waiting.