What if we did smoke the “stay-away!!” cigarettes which laid-the-threat? And what-if-we mixed the mighty with the unkindly and WHAT-IF(!!!) we really went-and-achieved

An utter state of delicacy? We’ve processed the whole-damn-thing anyway and Told Ourselves To HOLD OURSELVES to unintended Attention, “please.” She

Doesn’t even seem slightly badgered by all of these hyper-actively lopsided people who do scram-and-scream inside of her mollycoddled mind ((ANYHOW)). She’s revealed herself to the whole-wide-universe again… with whimsical verses laughing-at-low inside of her mouthing-of-MADEUP-mind.

Commissioned to become the greatest known momentary state of delirium in her OWN right, “she’s been gaining the telltale access to a pedestrianised pathway back.. to total power-over-control.” She’s

Participating in the (RE-)addressing of their utter upside-down-ness AS-WELL. A mightily frightful mess, indeed, inside of their careHAPPY HEADS… and they might-have-to try

At going forward with their aforesaid (miserly old) minds: MARVELLOUSLY MAKING LESS THAN LESS sense… “of everyone else and their state of professional aforesaid DelIriUm, plEASE(!!)”