They’re talking again about the mere-eager re-opening of minds, these petrified minutes multiplied by… minutes, til calculate your remain

Considerably cornered and coined/ so as to Enthusiastically portray a thing which says almost everything, (to only ever themselves) actually. They’ve even Eagerly considered them said selves to have utterly been

… … these automatically emotive people with painterly PASSION-pAnAcHe-and-p-e-r-s-u-a-s-i-o-n for poised fingers… and it REALLY isn’t hard ANYMORE, it isn’t even anywhere NEAR difficult enough for said sentient beings, and MAINLY BECAUSE?!

Why, of course, they seem to have known ALL-ALONG, h-o-w to rush and ——)PUSH(!!) their ScintilLATEd bones vehementlyAgainst the NightTimeSun some times: all eyes, all reimbursing’s of Sponge-like, daytime MiNdS

About to EMOTIVELY ExPlOdE!! “That right there. What is it called?! It is called absolute imagination meets with forward-thinking demonstration.”

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