If they knew how to dance cRookEdLy then they knew how to prance about the place like upset egos – they were indebted to no one else but for

The state of utter entitlement. It’s highly inappropriate for them to’ve been doing the other things when their artistic endeavours set themselves UP to pleasure —

Something really realistic within, the inner inside of a white wall LIFE(!) It’s confined to cement now just like her Holocaust mind once was, UPon a time when all our 6MILLION-sMILES

Managed at least the best of a bad bunch of egotistical people tWisTed up and toasted amidst this hot as hell SUN

**** these mother effing metaphors and let’s live the real deal / with a massive messAGE within..

“They were the unlikeliest people with the kindest hearts and stop start endeavours to delicately treasure..

About as much as our minds can take on and at any given over moment of —>> battle hardened bewilder (!!.. .)”