It’s been impishly impossible for their split egos to say it ever again- “that they’ve additionally altered their souls to sufferTheMost…

and shot in the dark SUIT themselves in equal measurement.” We were sleeping nice and LOUDLY actually when

She and he did that judgemental thing named: nakedly aware and selfishly preprepared “to stare down the Staten Island barrel of a shared and loosely locked Long Island gun.” Only… one and it

Has its OWNway of ‘saying’ many outlandish things, even when.. their pedantic and AwrY Pen Ran itself mesmerised and d-r-y(!!) “oh, Why:: have we not uttered another tale spin of tHeOrY: even if it’s been

Said and done a thousand moments b=4?” Possibly because.. the cause as to our utter purpose has always been pissing in the wind withIN the Inescapable-imbalance of our blueDOLLAR brain$ . It’s a pity and it is a pain— and it is certainly… a bloody certifiable thing.

“Of unidentifiable productivity.” We did this blind::: one. Of. a. Kind and we ask for nothing(BACH…) but for

“utterly additional understanding.” Take a pitchfork to her Beautiful brain and let it D-r-a-i-n itself deliciously dry, please…. …