Sitting with a ‘Bar Ballistic’ cocktail – San Fran having never so serendipitously set itself on up in all of its shine – bright life
To interrupt a most jagged and outrageously tagged Summer – work for your drunkenly crazed worth, why don’t you just
Meandering wannabes with gladragged women in flagrant tow, to suppose to propose a manic thing or ten
Ever – knowing
When the excitement came right to town and delightfully, fair notoriously divided
The real men from the bedraggled pretenders
Amounted to all kinds of memory – lambasted perfection – stories to remind and re -tell ’til blessed to fall right to the bravened grave
Sentiments of aforementioned Summer permitting
Mentally – driven beer – guzzlers, bad – boys striving to keep up and place these mightily insightful conversations on high – octane ice, where the piercing speech – bubbles of unbeknownst hope get to suddenly float on up
Feel almost Real, can very nearly Fucking be seen