He’d seen it all
The good, the bad, and the oh so goddamn ugly
Wealth to the last, then came a ferociously unanticipated downward blast
One almighty struggle after another
Addiction smuggling him right away, time and time again
An unsupportive mother – disappointed – only ever intent on pushing him further asunder
Wonders never cease
Slumped outside the welfare office, time for those heady taxes to pay it forward
Takes the money, not a word
Voice forever slurred, absurd carry on, one middle-aged man who followed the wrong path altogether
Whiskey in his bag
Tagged all across this town as the smelly one
Each to their fucking own then
No fun happening here
Sneers left, right and centre
A dive of a house on the hill out for rent
Fuck what’s heaven-sent, perhaps it was just meant to be this way
Salt ‘n’ pepper locks frayed, gnarled teeth grinding him down
No such friends to share a round
Multiplies the animosity
The wayward clown
No need in this particular instance for a painted on frown