So I started to hear voices in my head
When out and about
When inside my bed
Before I knew it
I was making all of the wrong choices
Something was definitely wrong here
A dreadfully uncomfortable feeling
When really there should have been no such fear

Couldn’t concentrate
On the stuff that I wanted too
One time on a dinner date
I managed to misplace everything at the table
Owed to the waywardness
That atop turning up late
Fate wasn’t my friend
All of it oh so painful

They keep telling me that there’s no way out
I would shout
But the voices make it nothing but a murmur
For others the schizophrenia is hard to take
Vast misinterpretations
Sometimes I think they need a shake
I look at my long-suffering mother with sad eyes
Her heart does break
Times are terribly tough
But I soldier on
Because I have too

Take the good with the rough
Good is rarer than rare
As I sit here heartbroken
Reminiscing in my grandfather’s old rocking chair