The falsified on-the-slide inside her pretty little mesmerised mind. She’s finding the way to break her way in again, finding the way to want To wAnDeR about as if —- “belonging to something entirely unrelated to anyone else.” we’ve

Printed out our nincompoop names atop of tight tank-top-wearing imbeciles and begged for the prettiest aforesaid ladies to deny us all =====>> A stare inside Their State of Naked Awareness. It’s something about the way she moves for a MeAndeR only minus any such endless endeavour, and if they really want for

An answer to the outside-in of an irreparable personality then they’ll really need to: hold all CONtractual cards held… til pressed DISTANTLY AGAINST, as we aim our pleasure-seeking brains in the endless direction = “of undenied, ahem… pleasure.”

See… we did this nine-times-a-thinking-minute thing. We endeavoured ENDLESSLY with our scatter-crashing bRainS at full-pelt and we still held

Our honourable hearts on our blood-ridden selves (..)