I) Simply elegant for its high-octane worth, hurts to see this particular brilliance left on dry-ice

II) ‘Til, that is, they tied a literary ribbon right to it
And soared, about to unmatchedly pour akin to no-one’s known

III) Prone to fits of manic concentration, then an early a.m altogether tapestried party, precious bed-hangers taking women with them into their ‘research bubble’ of glorious approval
IV) To none-too-silently represent all of those who they have mentioned in finger-to-the-cap passing – sentimental suggestion ’til their smiles do roll, stroll the critics’ ogle-eyed boardwalk empire

V) Fiery-eyed philanderers of their own accord
Genius been meaning to happen, all upon a wing and a punctuated prayer
Insatiable artistic endeavour atop crazed thirsts outlandishly quenched
Drenched in the name of old-school beer and must-ridden cigars

VI) When the pen came up to air – there they finally are