I do recall when you loaned me your time all over again – carried out my all ‘n’ sundries
Your were but a ten-year-old-child, a mild touch by no-one’s reckoning
Put pen to trembling paper and collected my groceries, did what my legs could no longer force themselves to ever do
And to think I was the same confused old lady forever sat on the corner of your ample avenue, who you and your football-fetching friends were informed to pretend to like – consumed by thunderbolt pain, yet still bringing herself to watch you and your chosen few happily play
The formation of our fine neighbourhood indeed
You choose people and you rolled your oh so haphazard dice ’til it landed rather courageously, winking directly at me
So you do know you’ve become etched in my rambling albeit, nonetheless, pinpoint accuracy memory
Now fetch me a cigarette, my only true life’s regret
One way or other your invaluable time has set me alight and thank you for that above all else
Enough now, for I must rest these tired eyes of mine
And maybe afterwards you can inform me as to why you’ve been endlessly crying, something I never like to see