You did it, you took her too far
And we saw all of it coming
The pair of you, albeit beautiful, running on absolute empty
I do pity the wayward fool who takes it upon themself to come next
Adamant to the very last on impressing you entirely
You see, a famous musician always brings with him a certain degree of carefree fire
Placed delicately up inside the adolescent belly of any such adoring fan
Seems the numbers do indeed sorrowfully add up
Like a who’s-who of recklessly sumptuous fools
You just need to peel yourself away this time
Take complete stock and alow for her to have her youthful day all over again
As I say, running on absolute empty
Plenty of far less infidel fish in these seas
They’ve been enticed into your bed even before such time as getting to sway their goldilocks hair
Right in your beer-pocked face
All we can see is complete and utter distaste
Disdain, and I’m afraid you really have only yourself to blame
Now, piss right off and strum your each and every string
‘Til setting fire all over again to your very own lifelessly distraught belly