He seems to have an inner layered being
Utmost all too necessary – when one such wannabee writer will meet another
Far more acclaimed in many a fashioned out of warlocked intelligentia manner right by the none too political middle
Here’s hoping that he will sit, or stand rather…
No faltering this pressure cooker either way
To twiddle these quixotic thumbs of endearingly his
To deliver this personalised Ode quite rightly, altogether tightly for its whole wide bespoke admittance garned out of respect for an unhatched plan as of yet
One subtle man to make a surefire, quick-wit difference when seriously needed
One Country Waits with X’s and O-d fingers
Twisted, rather softly guided words to fragrantly set to resolutely suit – oh industrious President D Higgins., We Do Salute You to the fastened, heartied personality core
Extraordinaire, he saw it all to memorably propose to alternatively suppose
Before everything winded immediately all of the way down once more
So, take your careful time and pound the wicker word pavements with simply me – your silenced critic carries with him a sensed degree of wanton impression, so you have to smile and get to truly knowing
To wordsmith flow together – the pair of us – amidst the rest of your warriors in fastidiously waiting arms
Disarm yourself and your lady Sabine in fately acceptance, soliloquy sedate yourself
To realise just how kind you’ve truly been
So soon as these Aras An Uachtaireann walls permit his younger version a settled, utmost fiercesome stage
Please turn over the page… to righteously relay with only ever me aside aforementioned Her…