We sit to watch his every single paramagnetic existence

He seems to mean it too, to fair notoriously long to want to unabashed amount

This jovially proposed clown with diamanté everything stitched upon oh so laboriously strong – we don’t ever suppose he could so very much as take to tending to influencing our every single from here on in choosing?

He’s been influenced of his own prone to he unjustifiably agonised accord – they shot the gun, whilst he dealt the shortest known straw in this whole manic works of only ours

And this is quite possibly something that we can never ever truly know of

Thaw these terrifically treacherised demons right the silkenly fashionable way out

You simply write to breathe… and, so you do get to finally know it, we see – fuckit Do We Absolutely See It…

Like we do sit some more and pray to delightfully say: Amount akin to next to nothing quite like your radiant being may have ever allowed itself to momentarily imagine

To suggestively perch to fucking See all of everything

So outright suddenly on the most beautifully fruit-filled whim on out there

You managed to anyhow snare, to pull to pander aside seismically push yourself away from what’s downright unforgettably a crying Shame – the riptide movement that touched your groove

You admit every last bit, don’tcha just, that you did indeed tear just enough to fill to the tapestried brim a thousand Mekong rivers of which

Seems you’re Home