New Years about to hit
How do you feel?
Just awful…
Pretty God damn shit
You having a pint
Or do you wanna sit this one out?
I’ll stay for a minute
Grab my bearings
Before I give you a shout
They partied hard
Burned the candles at both ends
I’d eventually drink
Even if all I could do that minute was think
About everything & anything
Going on about the place
My sullen mind sprinting at uncatchable pace
Fun being had
Everyone landed a new year’s kiss
While all I could do
Was chat to a few girls…
No kiss
Certainly no screw
Next morning I cleaned the house
Remained as quiet as a mouse
Unable to interact
My head well & truly felt as though
It had taken a whack
Too many times to count
No way to live
Not when you’re heading for a brand new year
These things should be fun
Get to go with the flow
My new year’s resolution
To steer clear of the fear
Surely I’m owed that

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