What if, though, our direly set on purpose distances did dissolve and we involved ourselves yet again In Asking People to shut the effing heck UP(.) It was

An automatic habit and she doesn’t (really) wanna sell that thing to the hIgHest bidder just yet: “just herself.” They were living in Newcastle and Newly Vacated From The C!ty Of Angels. When it all prolonged everything else that happens TO THEM… so as to

Wave their, ahem, whistles and blow their damn-DASTARDLY flags(!! ..) It’s being DAFTly animated in upside down AND FRONT TO BACK portrayal to show-

Her how(?) to “go…” at it utterly alONE: “just one more opportunity for momentary flow, and she hasn’t to remember anything else inside of her

Ticker tape, yip yip HOORAY brain- anyMORRRRRRRE.” Gun to the gROUND/bullets to the floor/ Say: “No More!!”