*Preferably to be read by seriously devoted literary heads with a thing for longwinded rhythm, hard-hitting storyline and descriptive pUlSaTiOn when read aloud and at your purest pace. Ye Preferably with a few (too many) beers, OR WINE, on board. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying to go as close to creating a ‘perfect’ painting, with only words at my disposal. Near impossible.. so far 😉

A sunrise kissed by alcohol eyes, an anointed (drunkenly) individual of tWiSteD bLiSS and merit..

Is this it?! Is THIS all that she can take.. a bottle atop a bottle
A bottle of “COP THE F**K ON!!”

Mollycoddled and sincere with her ears pierced and her ghostly-both-ghastly eyes Awkwardly untwined – away from her departed man with a needle STINGING near his vetoed, vertical vain. Membrane, “remember me, plEASE!!”

Shamed into secretive albeit equally OPINIONATED oblivion.

And D——r—a—g—-g—-i-n-g the bones of their beautifully pockmarked bodies back.. to that destitute and DESIRABLE graveyard wherein, these people keep screaming. And bReAtHiNg- like upside down MILLIONAIRES

With mother fucking ‘snow’ in their hair- spare a TENDER thought FOR THESE COCAINE WANNABES, “please.” Past tense and PERFECTLY PARALYSED BY life

It’s in the smile

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