To take their hearts and souls and all disposABLE entities in terms of other people’s UTTER need to NOT actually care ALL that much anyMORE…

WAS: to open their tired, no less WiReD eYeS and fightingly FinD another manner to say

“the E-X-A-C-T same thing!” Sanely suggestive and utterly worth its wait…

Because These particular PeoPle ARE all of the more pecu(liar!?) in their pecking-orderOf enthused personalities that cannot but —

Sway in the winding winds and rIoToUsLy reconfigure their VERY(!) own state of (NoN-)sensical assumption$.

“We’ve been trying extremely HARD not to sit right here and NOT to talk about ALL-of-these mundane and silly LITTLE big bloody blossoming things-

I.e. when, namely, we WILL play THE tiniest violin in the WHOLE-WIDE-WORLD and captured impressively within
The nestling together… of our thumb-and-(FORBIDDEN!) forefinger…

And ALL for what but FOR the SUDDENLY suffering sake of these DAFTly begotten individuals of course AND cause and ALL-things NeEdLeSsLy Happening: At Wide-Opening, HIGHLY interpretive p—-a—-c—e

“Prognose Us, please.”
Maybe, JUST might be a m-a-y-b-e…. “we should bless each of Their enragified faces AGAIN,
While their meander of mind TRIES for that ALMIGHTY SeNSe of credible, Quick-thinking eq+uil=IBRIUM

This was their magnificently multilingual mind-prison: Say it. AND spray it, “from the tips of your (tantalised) tongues, please.”

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