It is an over ambitious item of- if needs be a calling – prioritised and slightly UPright pace. Pressed furthermoreAgainst
Her distanced and DiSheVelLed face: pray for her instrumentation, please and DO-NOT go easily

Into this room wherein- words and wisdom amount to account for almost every nuanced thing!

She’s a bag of beautifully sitting Slightly UPright bones/ with just One Way Home to wherein

Said aforementioned words and Wise, WISE wisdom alarm themselves
To dance as though The wide world really ALL ought to have been listening

With their prioritised ears pressed just so very wellAgainst the air up there
Above the beyond and a speckled violin tends to her tilted chin… is this it? “Precisely what we’ve been searching for and in one holy god moment

Of scintilLATEd portrayal” and late, l-a-t-e it goes

It is fully formed, forged and IT f-l-o-w-s
Awhile swimming and DaNcInG inside our stay-awhile minds

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