It’s a dream that sleeps and it IS A CONTAGIOUS masterpiece: each of these living-seething-reeling people have come considerately a cropper and, Now.. We seem to be actually ReApiNg what THEY SOW.

“See… they saw it ALL and at a pace of purely incremental BlIss.” With their yo-yo brains set themselves comfortably AgainstTheGrain… …

It is plain downright UgLy! As it Reins itself in times… “Again!!“ And, then… When ALL silenced nights beg-to-BEGIN to CONsider themSeLveS ultimately colloquial and for 1soul rEasOn—

To bring this narrative landSCAPE back-TO-Life: and in a most meticulous and molecular heartBeAt(!), retreat retreat and FEEL

Damn near DAMN downRIGHT every-next-nuanced-thing
He said it through a meticulous whisper, that “to fear-it was to steer-it beautifully toward this trustworthy sense

Of high-WORDED and TwIstEd inSINuation…”
This, their LifeL-O-N-G DEMONstration within A straitjacket called mindful Awareness

Yes. “Who said that a straitjacket was INFACT a bad thing?!” Nothing but for A BIG BAAAAAD WORD trained paradoxically toward… the irony of an Undeniable smile.

“She is redribboned. HE is wIlD!“

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