They’ve been asking themselves the exact same questions times-ten, and wandering with their effervescent minds ‘til set to find… that curious sense of artistic creativity. We’ve even asked them why they cannot take the time to calm said ‘hOsTiLiSeD’ minds, and all that they riotously shall earnestly reply in-kind?

That “this is OUR calm, and this IS our quiet… mind!” YES! It f-i-n-d-s it own owning of time.. …

They WILL insist upon acting all sorts of ARTISTICALLY advantageous and in ANY manner that shall land itself at their WELCOMING(!!) doorstep- or so the saying goes —- so the sayings… ALL OF THEM know?!

But what if… and THIS is a rather strange and seriously alarming thing to Ask AnyONE with a creative sense of sophistication, so it seems… they were to sit in the EXACT SAME SENSE OF PLACE
And for ALL of a three-hour window- to the centre of their soothed souls somehow.

“We’ve been soothed, and suggested these silly little things, and EVER-since the EaGer-fAcEd beginning!”

When the exclamation mark means EVERYTHING.

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