Taught to think times ten times a thousand sands of endless… time. How’s about we opened up our standalone eyes and watched the world sprint and run and have extracurricular FUN: so as of IF AND when.. the fictional sense of page worthy storyline belatedly beCAME SATURATED AND DRENCHED

With all sorts of writerly creative hostility and ALL other RUSHING’S of things. This writer writes to make the mind delicately antagonise all of its own most-probably unedited, UNEDUCATED… underEDUCATED pARTS, perhaps.

And it has been somewhat aDdLeD and dotting the t’s whilst satisfying the cross -firing of Eyes to rhyme the t-e-n-s-i-o-n of his time… but just ONE TRUE REASON remains for these people-pleading words, reALLy… …

To let his very own mind run and sKiP AND J-U-M-P!!
When it ALL went untranslatable and agonisingly WroNg. Yes— “his mind Is A Suggestion Of A Song” – always has been, even if a CD scratched on delivery.

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