All of these brilliant-minded people asking themselves the same goddamn question: To Be, Or Not To Be… a creative dichotomy Of over-emotive inTELLigence, opening their wIrEd minds UP to the whole snide/eyed world
Of necessary “also-rans” with their very own personalities barely even bothering to breathe whatsoever at all ((anymore))

The drawbridge IS coming
N around, and they DO INDEED appear to have left themselves UTTERLY comatose with their own SenSe of commonplace dissociation..

From these other brilliant-minded pEoPle who tend to feel
D A M N NEAR every LITTLE nUaNcEd THING, and at a pace of P-U-R-E and NON-respected gratitude(!!)

Be rather RUDE AND equally rARE NOT to dutifully interrUPt their secondary sense… Of meandering AND, OFTTIMES…
MadDeNInG dissociation.. purposely done on purPOSE ACTually… .. ..

And turned notoriously Away
From This Utterly UpSidEDoWn(!!!!) world Of “OVER/bearing EGOMANIACS!!”

Who’s hearts are tattered and tarred in upside down tarmac

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