Plagiarised and to a point.. of utterly over emotional Chaos: only a lassoed heart can know the art of acting improper and wonderfully besotted AND at the EXACT same SaNe tImE, timid is their window-of-way with words; as they take the other person’s respectful hand
And order themselves to CreativelyDaNcE
As though- to watch them WAS-TO-WITNESS something merrily pristine and altogether rather this developMENTAL moment
Usually-both-DUTIFULLY decorated in beautifully written attire, and ready to Desire..

Another perk of SIMPLY being… brand-new and astonished by
“This inexplicable equation named Life.”

She carries it for Him, and he Craves that MileAMinuteSmile of only-ever-hers, to catch and keep(quiet) All By Himself

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