They appear wide-eyed and merrily disinterested in equal measurement and it is beginning to feel all sorts of suitably fucked-UP THIS TIME. A besotted set of viciously TwIstEd pEopLe of verbose emotions, who seek to seem to wish to WANT

To worry the world and all for what but for.. a comfortable and JADED place inside of their own anguished heads; these people do tend to upset themselves much more than we can ever even begin to imagine.. as if we should even be a little BIG bit bothered anymore!
Tragedies with hats to cover their imaginations

Just the way Their Personalities tend to take Themselves AWAY from everything Else Worth Its Wait.. these utterly abrasive AND idiosyncratic-meets-MaNIaCaL imbeciles, who do indeed often ably antagonise their very own aforementioned RamBLing MinDs.

“What of it?” Let them sit and stare at their own riotous reflections: Respect relinquished, as they become perfectly peripheral

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