They’ve ordered themselves to utterly abstain from all other open wide influx of inflicted influence actually, even carried their hands and minds and imaginative utensils to the point

Of placing down these paintbrushes for one first time- a mind about to outlandishly unwind, to recall it all and remind itself just how it got to be this beautifully open-ended entity of

Endeavour and that other spontaneous thing named: after the last artist who came immediately before them

There is a paused moment when they bolster their head and hands and toes and everything else which sings a song within their exhausted on purpose souls to something worth waiting for . Only there will be NO apologising for this taking of time

Because it has all been… an artful and courageous insinuation and we cannot but hope for it to become..

How’s about this morning time think tank thing of iconic and aforementioned endeavour of enticement

Although, the rhyme appears to have become… Dutifully defunct for now . Some see destroyable nonsense whilst we see

An artist’s second best brand new breath – breathing for yet another generation before them