To predominantly solicit their own sense of wisdom isn’t exactly what they anticipated, actually. There’s a warped state of AforeMentioned wisdom at the centre of the SYSTEM and it swim$ loosely with-IN —-

all of them

And we seem to seek to wish TO WANT something: perhaps OtherWorldly AND CONtrary to HaPpEn(aGAIN)(?!) Yet, why(!?!) then can we NOT have any SUCH qualms at all ANYmore???

And WHAT have they got to do WITh anyTHING else, inDEED…

The cards HAD-TO-HAVE been played AND PLACED and playFULLY plagiarised for now and at

WICKERWORK-SPEED until – all of these people have decided to deCODE and Prioritise

Their Very Own state of Mind$//… HOW-MANY-TIMES, Though, will-it-take For Us

To Fully Forsake: ALL of these NONjudgemental calls Of Theirs, Y’ALL(… ..)

With your w-i-t-s stILL withSTANDING(everything) and your hearts advancing at terrifically idiosyncratic PACE..

When the Cannibal Tastes The Heat Of The Sun, Sits Down—

And Wishes To Watch Himself Burn(!!)
Even if: he is the suicidal exception to all of the cruelty