she did it all with this piercingly authentic level of CAREFUL AND CAREFREE concentration// she even managed to wire her featherweight body WELL and tightly AND WoRn, entirely. And, honest-to-Badness Inside Of Her Brutalised-By-Beautiful-Ideas mind, hers d-i-d inDEED appear to’ve been..

One body beauti(fully) fuelled and, then, felled AND bRoKenAgain At ThE shrieking-of-Bone to be HERE(…)

as these PreviouslyPrioritised people/// Begin to behaveThemselvesLikeTastefulCrazy(…) and for
A manner of mereEAGER minutes .. AND Magnetised by this… dutiFULLY DISTINGUISHED SENSE OF sniggering q-u-i-e-t-n-e-s-s(!!) which no-one else seems to get to see but everyone else CAN feel-

from d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y distant AND desensitised —-)) to MESMERISED and rather memorABLY r-e-a-l