We do not seem to have anticipated the crafting of enough DAFTly delightful enthusiasms to ever get to make
A q-u-i-c-k and EaSy getaway, actually. Even when, to play the most PositivelyCircumspectGame
Is to have had our

LayaboutTimeWoundRightTheEntire=WayUP, indeed. “We’ve been

About-to-occur and still withstanding AND in an insanely suitABLE instance, as those were the only KEY-moments-in-lifeWeKnowOfAsOurOwn; as we layaboutBehaved: as well as weShan’tEverManageToHandleItEverAgain.”

And when our uproarious livesAndEntangledAspirations were unfairly DiSmaNtlEd long-way-agoBefore…

… that need torightFULLYRemain.. ForeverKnowing w-i-l-l mEaN pretty-much everything. Again, and then..

What shall-have-to-happen is the intimate-and-innate appreciation of these kinds of idiotically and slowlySelfDelivered expressions ofPulSaTinG ThInGs(.)

We are Seriously Smitten to say it OUT-LOUD(!!) but “our minds have been castASHORE… and drifted SOME-MORE(!!) to another time and plACE.. of being bombastic and YouthFULLYbothTruthFULLYaware”

As to the ill-fated state of our “favourite best people.” There’s a church-steeple in there somewhere, begging (for itself) to be Poetically-Relayed.. maybe(..) “But possibly not—- a chance in HIGH-hell, actually(!)”