Indeed they’ve been dragging themselves through an ocean of FREEthinking equilibrium and it shall not pass the Point Of havingActed altogether akin

To the other person of suitably spontaneous surroundings. Yeah it’s a shudder-speed masterPEACE, and YES it’s Been Ably+Sizing+itself=UP AND EVER-since

Aforesaid other partaking-people were these bespoke and particularlyPeripheralIndividuals. Even IF(!) the fuelling-ofDuel began

Way+back+when(?) “all of the persons at theFront HadBeen tReMblIng On TheirF€€t(!) unable.. unWILLING to speak until——-)) ))

The top of their LatterDayheads were courageouslyReinstatedAgain… with Undeniably Enough understandABLE audacity actually—. A million ((more)) milestones and they might just be f-i-n-e — a billion more breaths and they might just be Crying

These tears of creative=survival// When WHAT they actually did do was to EAR-achingly achieve… “a rather impenetrable sense of thriving.. to strive for