These Mammoth-minds of theirs were indeed BoisterouslyBegottenByThemSelves(And OF no-one-else.) and c-e-r-t-a-i-n-ly(..) worth much more that something – extraSPECIFICandSpectacular, actually. And if there IS a fly in their particular ointment ofLife, well then… they MUST just have((VeryMuch)) nurtured it so.. vErY(!!) AwkWaRd&-BadLy.

“But they did, and they shall- cause all suggestiveAVENUES of anticipated aNgLe to DEVELOPmentally create their V-E-R-Yown state of

y ENTERtaining aWaReNESs, too.” There’s that passing of PausedT-H-O-U-G-H-T YET again… which still sWiMs damn-RIGHTdopamine-within the inner insides(Of their Bleeding-Bone skin) and it s-e-e-k-s to search for something —->>>

UtterlyBrandNEW and demonstratively uNiQuE(!!) When we sPEAK, “EVERYONE=elseTendsToListen: vicariously.” And.. just like an ABSURDistOf wOrD in freeFALL..

Our talk of TALL-ideas and idiosyncratic necessities at hand:: DO-seem ToCarryWithThemtheir V-E-R-Y own transatlantic tHeorY

Even if: nobody’s prepared to pressPLAYandListen—.