If they did do anything then it was this.. that they were kindly taking the bravado~of~time to bring it to a, ahem, pACE, actually, of chaotically comfortable numbers. These Puerile people are

Hahahahaha~hilarious and about as happy~to~be~glad as an ironclad. “What and WHY(?) of these masterpieces though?!”

“Who will need to know.. … if it feels all a little~bit~Sarcastic and Real.” They’ve gathered their gain.. yet aGAIN, and it seems to f-e-e-l: chaoticallyReal. They’ve

… “EVEN gotten themselves InAWholeWorldOfOTHERtrouble, even if it IS a rather TrIviAlThing — of encores of EGOS and All sorts of oughta~have~been BeautifiedBewilderAlongsidecreatedDreams.”