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As.. ahem, this w-o-r-s-e(for wear) and agitated ArtIst can(‘t) keep UP SO VERY WELL WITH their own state of awareness.

Waiting for the ink to run dry, they find another place, another WHY(?!?!?).. … another pACE… Y-E-T another..
Undeniable eye: back to believing in something SomeWhere(?!?)

When it’s all been a little all oVeR the place misshapenly that’s exactly how(??) she did it:: how she—-)) fictitiously FABricated::: something from.. nEARLY nothing. It’s like

Tying the dragon’s AimlesslySuggestive mind to another strange and deliberate animal suit. “Tis gotta be “Phew(!)” who were generally both GENerously able

To connect these intricate DOTS, inDEED(.) In suggestion of another world for her Altogether, We did decide to deliberately deliver a volley of GOOD, actually, wordUSE.” No use— her bruised and shattered ego taking it all on her own anyMORE because..

Our displayed/DISMAYED latterDAY//yAy(!!!) interpretations seem to have their VERY own source of gargantuan awareness… actually. And we are gonna f*cking run without our clothes on for the sake of garnering

.. enough GODFeAriNg attention. “Did we mention that it’s not supposed to have been extraordinarily oRdiNary at all, actually?”