Maybe they became definitely deafeningly derogatory… for one whole wraparound of reason. To have f-e-l-t it all and DELICATELY gelled it gently BACK-together/

How much(?) courage did it REALLY take for them to.. officially outweigh their own ageless atrophy.

Probability had it.. a lot more than any SITTING and sulking astride artist can ever really imagine… “their own sense of steed ripped at the wickerwork SEAMS.”

“We kind of.. deliberately DID alTeR the will to die BY THE MIGHT of starry~eyed survivalTECHNIQUE — and that’s a wrap all in its own irRegUlAr rIgHt.
These championMINDED people of creeping+and+crawling significance.”

Were they reALLY all of them the fondest friends and ADVANTAGEOUS~ALLIES in the whole wide —- •earth of Hers?

On the tip of her childlike tongue she was enticing all of the incorrect words, actuALLy… to lake themselves FiTfUlLy together —- ..

And make:: magnificent SeNsE.
To drench it all in utterly Ingenious concentration… probably