If they wondered about anything then they probably were wondering about the crawl and constant climb atop

Of another person’s outlandish crucifix actually. That manner in which they enthralled the incorrect anticipations and wandered on irregardless(!)

It’s at the point wherein the make-believe people Were really biting their ******* tongue$ and talking in transformative speech anyways, and if we, like… … really Wanna comprehend what happens

We will need our minds to track back… and bOunCe at the exact… same time of Honest to GoodNeSs asking. “We didn’t develop a new _er wa _ ay in to simply sit back and

Let em all simplify our tightrope of mind.” What we did in-fact infectiously need was —- _ to make the tIgHtRoPe so ******* nauseatingly tight, actually,

That that walk will never NOT BE: “utterly… fuelled-with-fire:: boiled-by-delight.”