1/ The bones of something exceptional, a steadied pair of elongated and romantically untwined and unhindered fists.. as this ivory-keyed perfect procedure takes panoramic precedence yet again

2/ Awhile, all audible AUDIENCES eyes slowly ARISE… … to the heated sound of scintilLATEd and silenced DEBATE!

Too late
2/ A thing of transcendental bliss and set to IMMEDIATELY KISS: this constant creator’s gently twisted spine in conscientious accordance with – –

3/ A sense of Everlasting & magnanimously Unrivalled territory – a “beautiful story” of constant CLASS AND UPPER-class Aristocracy …

4/ & left to remain: ForEver put UPON Song! &, if needs be, It W-I-L-L belly-over and b-l-e-e-d,

to the aforementioned BONES of its being (… til it fails to EVER go wrong a-GAIN)