The Topsy-turvy purchase, perchance, of a gathered + Golden-faced masterpiece – of Chaotic oceans of over-emotive Bewilder aside hyperactive Expressionism when placed itself Tantalized alongside

This unerring sense of wilder-most Explosion, as all of it s-w-i-m-s.. simultaneously with-in Her: this particularly peculiarized Time.

As the curves of her battle-hardened (Bruised + beaten-down) body simply-both-sizably Seize a precious piece of themselves

+ rapturously start at rewinding, Reminding + Spontaneously replying…
In the face of the rampant race against the Colossal curves + the colossal Shapes… of the Cutthroat canvas sometimes!!

Yes, indeed, she appears to have been double-dosed in hidden bouts of Quick-thinking delirium this time – shy-eyed and about to CONSCIENTIOUSLY CRY harder than never quite witnessed before
As the paint spatters to p-o-u-r… … “some bit, some more…”

‘Til she’s got nothing left but to blame her pure + downright frightful + god-forsaken failings
Mediocre, mad-capped + haphazard Zen? Maybe, perhaps… a sudden-most + unacceptable lapse in real-life-reality, pl-Ease!!

Let her break from the norm to form her very own sense of traditional satisfaction

Can we not simply see it yet – that she’s been Waiting with wings stitched back upon – her mammoth state of irreparable M-i-n-d (sometimes?)