It’s probAbly as real as having a Grade-H(omeless) mAsterclAss dragged throughout the sand and back BOLDLY again (!!) We do seeeeem to’ve understood their

Need at being utterly… cripplingly calm… to others actually. It’s not the way in that mattered as much as it isn’t even the way out that made a delicate difference either. “He shall pass GO and bring

His cardboard box cutout of a ‘house’ —narrow + and real As A RiptOrn Master, Ahem… PEACE(..)

to everybody’s utter attention, didn’t even need to mention the schizoid happenings miraculously(!!) inside
~~ ~

“Him or her(?!?)” Because what s/he did is beyond anyone else’s aGiTaTion of mind – •blinded by that animated spOt called conscientious concepts . “Give her the gOdDaMn-time though, for her to be cripplingly nice and calm as a cookie cutter masterpiece actually, and we might just get to SECRETIVELY+bathe

In her secondary survival technique.”