The miraculous memories,
evening time instances of utter productivity aside rather outright maddening intellect –

haphazard people building castles that care

Yes, metaphorical, maybe perhaps – PERCHANCE, this will be a brand new dance at hand?

Homely instances of undeniable and angst arisen consideration – agile-handed and eagerly prepared to propel themselves toward intricately both avidly embellishing their lessening sense

Of chiming, both climbing, entitlement, yet again. to carry the bruising bricks to that imagined castle to a point of cracked back bewilderment – the last time that this level of reckless relent and pinpoint accuracy probably everafter happened, it must have taken these peculiar people the better parts of a whirlwind decade … or ten!

oh, but for these century-old, self-proclaimed inconsistencies of theirs
met with mercilessly juxtaposed clarity aside sanctimonious certainty

To dutifully divulge, diversify and to rightfully circumnavigate – against the creative edges of themselves (yet again)

And with the gracidity of a consummate professional, falsified hope merges with ascending scope