What if we stayed, as if, and what we did was to’ve alternated the sophistication living quietly inside of her rampant mind? When she made a GREY-AREA (note-of-awareness) of all the things which really DIDn’T even matter anyway. It’s

A Reconvening service of utter CONtrolling circumstances and she’d do-good-to-daNCe as though – “turning down the HEIGHTENING volume within her merrily-old-mind.” We’ve tended toward a torturous level of overthought Empires, have EvEn been

Beautiful without even trying.. “to dissolve all of our fear-filled desIRES again. It’s extraordinary, actually, how they acted both ambitiously delirious AND DELICATELY DANDELION’d too.” Whatever the **** that even means to

Make the difference. (When) They’ve uttered words with no (real) way home, immaculate jokes which sit still atop of

A lassoed MOON for NOW. We’ve freely admitted to having had the best-of-BlaStS to outDO ALL OTHER MOTHER-EFFING passion-faced blasts. “We’ve (EVEN) paralysed the paralysation of, ahem… putridly paralysed minds “BYE-NOW”. When these things mean to be

Mollycoddled AND treacherously treated at the exact-same-sanely-suitable time, “plEASE.” See, we didn’t break with protocol to do anything (else) other than to earmark that Brand-New-Place Of DamnDownright purely sophisticated upHEAVAL