Their error-filled wattage of ways were indeed hYpErLINKED and likened to their SELFforced and RiOtouS demeanour of being. These brute-force stranglings of stay-at-home, STRAY-MINDED peoplings, actually

With hell-hath-NO-fury as though, AS-IF: it ALL+went=UP in wrought-iron smoke – – and the rumOUR$ shall pour at argumentative pace
— Anyhow!!

As their very own personalised sense of singular purpose and poise DOES its own predictive thing to meaSURE the strength of
Everything else(.) It’s been extremely d-i-f-f-i-CULT

To watch them: again and, then, some-more..
Of the e-x-a-c-t same Tertiary Things. Their merriness of mind ISn’t exactly what YOU might call—

ironical and without doubt: this dourfaced thing of cRimInAl reTribUtiOn. Yet we all DO make a surefire CONtribution