They were watching another set of rules totally and getting themselves relatively BlOttO on red wHine and other kinds – of mixedUP alcohol concoctions. CoNninG perhaps their fabricated minds back toward utter… truthfulness actually. And with that SpiN of Terrifically Toxic Gin in the INNERwithin

They were hellbent, actually, on radicalising these other people’s minds for the sake of a shake Up in Utter insinuations. And if we really wanna go all out again and electrocute ourselves then

“Why don’t we just place our tantalised fingers and Manicured handsAgainst that very same ScintilLATEd fence?” When it’s been impossible to adhere to anything else again… and they go and get themselves relatively CreAtiVe that is when..

“We all opt+FULLY+upon our own imaginations fighting for enthusiastic ReCreAtiOn.” If they sat down now and did not say or write another Word it would not even BEGin ~ ~

To matter: “not martyrs but they’ve been preyed Upon in a most cripplingly malt and WhIsKey way.” They are sitting still and acting all kinds of delicately ILL, and still…

Upsetting all of the damn apple cart oDdS as they slowly chart their RISE throughout time… “kindly does it now, dearest beautifully bRoKen people.” What you did is unTHINKABLE