A stylish kind of kindly kind of credibly ENHANCED recreation.. named THE UNDEN(EYE)ABLE smartness of an Artist’s heart.. for the artist who beautifully embroils themselves STEADILY, both readily… amidst

This quick thinking and unashamed sense of AFOREMENTIONED SENSUALLY enhanced forgiveness… … for these lesser-than-less PEOPLE WHO CARRY prioritised lies

Behind the softness of guise, of oft-than-not miserly EYES!!
Mi, oh my…&

B-e-g-g-i- n-g for the stretch of her S-O-U-L to REACH… … … … … … … FROM ship-to-Shore. Yet, We W(ILL) say it again, but does not EVERYONE ELSE have THIS Alive&K-I-C-K-I-N-G, S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G element of boisterous & creative behaviour

SPRINTING THRU-OUT them!? From.. Mi… to You?! A scintilLATEd DEMON-stration given Over – GLEEFULLY, to a fuller prognosis which WILL pristinely fit

Both the shadow and shape
Of her RE-imagined Land…ESCAPE…
Of ego-aware readiness when met with the comfortable untidiness of a sHaKy & shapely, and then …

Hollow and caustic PEN!!!
Scattered & CrAsHeD to make heavenly senses of itself