I’m in a room
Looking at all of the books
A rafter-packed place
I put my feet up
Feel a smile land itself upon my face
The boys play their tunes inside the kitchen
A spacious backroom with an almighty echo
The girls upstairs fixing their hair
Good girlfriends are always having a bitch and a moan
About lord knows what
There’s a full moon
We’re gonna rock it
Right now though
Here I sit
Wondering what it will take to get inside one of those books
As I scroll through each and every name
I fast realise
How long a time it took each artist in their own right
Gives me an even bigger fright
I’m always scared
So there you have it
The boys and the girls almost ready
Dressed to the max
Pinstripes and pearls
For the ‘Mad Men’ show that’s on tonight
But as good as I should be
Something doesn’t fit, feel right
It’s the God damn book in me
It won’t let up
However much I might try and flee
I should be drinking and dancing
Getting up to all sorts of prancing
But the mind won’t settle
‘Til that book deal gets signed
‘Til I get to wine and dine with the best of them
Feel like one of a kind
And only then will I feel as though I’ve crossed
My finish line
Know it’s odd
But I don’t think I’d change it for the world
Hang on a minute
I think I just heard one of the girls…
She fell down a flight of stairs
And now the dancefloor is full of pearls
Time to put my pinstripes on, get myself in flying form
It was awfully nice talking to you
The name’s Brian
You may do well to remember it