They’ve thought about it a fair long Flirtation-of-Timenow. And what HAD to have t-u-r-n-e-d them into these… unIDENTIFIABLE individuals of AnTaGoNisEd(!) Heart-and-Mind is: sIMPLY-put, a thing so VERY exceedingly disgusting that a GUST of Good Ol’ Winding-Of-WiNd just will-

NOT take-them-away- “from their bothered-to-be-here-by-it-all BrAiN.” It’s been coming-here-and-doing that GoDAwFuL-thing with them again.

Even when, and How(?!)… … Actually, there ARE NO such suffering-of-QUANTIFIABLE-words which will e-v-e-r justifiABLY s-u-f-f-i-c-e-it-to-say:: that their DaZe have Seemingly been.. Numbered(!!) And, ever-YET; they’ve actually really((all-in)) attempted to NOT scheme-too-HardAND-harsh Anymore.

Remarkably AND HARSHLY Speaking, the same sorts of Sanely Delicate People wereNOT entirely supPOSEd

To even be making SeNse Of Any sUcH ThinG as WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS(?!?)