1When they made love like hardwired masterpieces that’s precisely how it felt -/ to alternate between being: dumbfounded and Delicately Real.

2We are actually acutely aware of her need to be:: done and dusted with this whole wide world, only in a most

3Happiness instance. “and how did she ever create this StAtE of Stately interference(?) but by

4Toying with the eyes and VISION OF THESE —-)) all over the PlAce people who appear to farreeeeeach inside our OWNminds..

5It’s… been between she and He, and we “all want to walk and talk and Turn Our Sentences Into Masterful Mouthpieces.” One WHACKhApPy(…) word at an AutoMatic time

6When it was done— in the cold light of night. Like ice-creams wedged in their wonderful faces – touched to TASTE