Fairly keen, opening right up
Do it, usurp the life outta me!
Trust them all, listen to what it is they may just have to say
I am here for the taking, utterly forsaking right now a pitiful case of all those things which make me a carefree albeit shy bunny, shrinkingly so
Don’t take your gaze away, not for a minute – sit with me and we will talk it all out
Perhaps next as much as lean on in, place a foreign kiss upon these lips – the Irish pair with a tiny freckle sitting right by the middle
Did I ask for this? Somehow I do think so
Does seem to me though you to be a pro, in an entirely complimentary kinda way
Course I like your looks, but I also find myself with an insatiable tendency to hear you speak
Tweaks here and there utterly unnecessary
You can somehow take a rather tiny and dust-ridden town and make it appear rather cosmopolitan – transforming it all around
By my reckoning, at least
A feast to behold… they told me you’d come
Running on absolute full
Lulling me into a safe sense of security
I’ll take purity over downright dishonesty any day, week, month of the year
So near right now but bound to be oh so far away – something of a surefire guarantee, in fact
So there you have it
But I do believe that I will still savour these our early-morning memories