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“A-OK AND UTTERLY AMAZING.” They were sleeping inside of tilted to LopSiDeD sleeping bags again… “when we went in and dragged them back — to basics actually.” It’s a frightful determination which typified their rambunctious brain and mind: “and OH, my-my – how HAS she ever even managed to plEASE(..) ten thousand peripheral people without even meaning to mean

Something to someone else but for her typically secluded self?” We’d like to stay right here IMMEDIATELY and attempt to EARN to learn AND appreciate the level of helter~skelter which upset one such

WayWaRdLy idiosyncratic individual, please. “Let them see the way of a thousand thoughts…. that ALL of them mean something as peculiarly special

As ANYTHING which we can’Ve ultimately !MAG!NED for our Dearest LatterDay Selves (!)” Screw the tragedy, and START to act true to THE first and foreMOST truest heART set aside by

Any disARMED man: “of many meandering peculiarities please.”